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Patrick O'Donnell


    Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and superhero action figures, Pat O’Donnell learned to draw at a young age.  He spent hours illustrating worlds and the creatures that populated them.  As his style developed, he began infusing his work with a powerful illusion of dimension, vibrant color palettes, and dynamic characters.

    His technique begins by putting pencil to paper.  Imbuing his drawing with digital coloring creates a highly stylized image that combines both traditional and digital media into a mélange of superheroes and creatures from fantasy and horror.

    Having received his MA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, Pat has completed projects for companies like HBO and The Discovery Channel, in addition to freelance work in the video game and comic book industries.

    As an art instructor, Pat has taught his students the art of figure drawing and narrative illustration through classes in Drawing and Digital Illustration at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston and elsewhere.  In recent years, he has applied his

skills at Norman Rockwell Museum where he teaches the art of illustration to all ages through school initiatives and community outreach.

    On the playful nature of his work, Pat notes, “My art represents the joy of youth - it evokes the simpler times of childhood.  The ability to transport the viewer to another world and into a wistful adventure is the reason why I love and make art.”


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